Strengthening Student Connectedness

An Interview with Retired Superintendent, David Gamberg

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Tuesday, February 23rd from 10AM-11AM

Innovative Ways of Staying Connected With Your Students

Our students need connection now more than ever...

... There's a huge gap in the way our kids are getting access to extracurricular activities, clubs, and engagement with the community.

How many students in your district are falling through the cracks because teachers and administrators are unable to see their engagement beyond just "grades?"

As a student advocate, how do you support your students when you have little to no visibility in their engagement?

If any of these questions are inspiring you, we invite you to join us for a live webinar where we will interview the esteemed retired Superintendent, David Gamberg.

David was well ahead of his time while addressing student connection before Covid. He leveraged technology to help students "express themselves" and is a celebrated supporter of students.

In this exclusive interview, we'll tackle the big questions of:

  • How to address isolation especially during these strange times.
  • How to increase student expression.
  • How to build confidence in students and increase involvement beyond just showing up to "get the grade."

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What can we do to support students & staff when isolation is at an all-time high in our communities?


How can educators provide better opportunities for students to express themselves today?


Why is recognizing the whole child so crucial to nurturing student confidence?


How do we utilize the lessons we are learning in our strategic planning for the future?


Retired Superintendent, David Gamberg

David A. Gamberg is a retired School Superintendent.  He served for 12 years in Southold UFSD, and as a shared superintendent in Southold and Greenport UFSD for the last six years, neighboring districts on Long Island, in New York. David is passionate about reimagining education that supports student engagement that is authentic and purposeful.

What People are Saying...

"Passport for Good is a game-changer by giving students a positive way to document their service experience and to reflect on the impact they are making.”

Kaweeda G. Adams Superintendent of Schools, City of Albany School District

"This platform can offer families a clear mode of communication between home and school to encourage community involvement that fosters a child’s interests, school engagement, and well-being."

Claudia Rudnet Co-President, Oyster Bay-East Norwich Schools

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